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Create a guest list for your event and send email invitation. Manage RSVP response.

It is alaways a tough task managing your guests for your wedding, engagement ceremony or anniversary party. Prepare a guest list. Send them invitation. And finally manage their responses as after all you have to arrange the event based on number of guests going to attend. Our guest tool will help you to manage your guests easily with all these features.

Manage Guests

Create Guest List | Invite Guests | Manage RSVP

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How It Works

Create master guest list only once to reuse for all your events. Create guest list based on event by copying from master guest list. While copying you have many option to choose from. for example you can copy all your family members and relatives for your birthday event but may choose all your friends and colleagues for success party.

Invite your guests by email and keep track of RSVP. You are notified when your guest make a RSVP. We also understand that all your geusts may not be tech savvy. You can manually manage the RSVP and generate a report on how many people are going to attend the event.

Create master guest list

Create a master guest list with the guest information only once. This master guest list can be reused in multiple events thus save your time to create a list every time.

create master guest list
invite your guests

Send invitation

Create a guest list for your events by copying master guest list. As we understand you will have different categor of guests for different events. Send them email invitation.

Manage RSVP

When your guest reply to the RSVP, you are notified and the guest tool summarize number of people accepted, declined and said a maybe. You can also manually manage your RSVP for those guest who does not have an email or not a tech savvy.

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