Event Planning Tools Overview

Use these convenient tools to manage your events effectively. Its free to use them!

Event Tool

This tool will help to keep track of your each event. Enter the details of the event and manage guests, bidding and checklist from this tool. Start from event tool and manage your event from here.

Event tool
Bidding tool

Bidding Tool

This tool helps to keep your event cost within your budget. Create bid for a vendor category with your maximum budget price. Vendors are notified with the bid details and they send their best offer price lower than your maximum budget. You select a vendor best suitable as per price and their quality of work.

Guest Tool

This tool helps managing guests for every events. To reduce the effort of duplicate guest information entry, create a master guests list just once and reuse them on your events.

For example you decide to invite all your relatives in birthday but for a success party you may decide to invite only colleagues. The copy feature is flexible to manage this. RSVP feature will help you to keep track of the number of positive responses and arrange your event accordingly.

Guest tool
Checklist tool

Checklist Tool

This tool helps to track each events to-do stuff and you can check the job done. The dashboard shows percentage of work done. This tool helps keep tracking of your events and help you planning early.