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Q How long are the free trials valid?

We are offering the free trials for initial 6 months from your signup date as vendor. For this 6 months you can avail all benefits of our premium plans including participating in bidding process. After 6 months you need to purchase the plan to renew your subscription otherwise you will be automatically brought down to Free plan.

Q What are the advantages of the premium plan?

The premium plan is the feature packed plan where you can participate in bidding process, you will get email from us with direct client contact leads and we will do social media marketing for your business through our blog. This plan is best sutiable for your business.

Q How does the bidding process work?

The bidding process is one of a kind where both the client and the vendor benefits by saving money and getting customers respectively. Once a client create a bid request with his max budget, every vendor of the bid category receives an email. Vendors create bid respose with their offer price and the client selects from one of them per his choice and requirement.

Q How can I make payments?

We accept cashless payments for your subscription. You can pay online using our secure payment gateway through credit card, debit card and netbanking (India only).

Q Can I cancel or refund my subscription?

You can cancel your subscription within 7 (seven) days of registration if you are not satisfied with our service. We will refund the complete money. Please read our refund policy here

Q I own multiple business. Can I register them under one signup?

Yes. We provide the facility to signup once as a vendor and add multiple business to your account. This helps managing your account efficiently having one account. for example you are the owner of photography and caterer business. You can add both of them under one login.

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We're here to help 24x7. Send your query to and we will resolve it at earliest. Thank you for your business with us.

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As a vendor, signup with your business details. Upload your profile images into gallery. Complete your profile question answers. Go to How it works.